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Photo Star GmbH, located in Bergheim, near Cologne, has established a worldwide reputation for their substantial line of photographic products.

For many years TURA has been an important and reliable brand for high quality photographic papers, single-use cameras and photographic films, as well as for chemistry and inkjet papers. The brand name of "TURA" stands for more than 100 years of tradition and quality Made in Germany.

Today, Photo Star GmbH is exclusive owner of the well-known photo brand name of "TURA".

Our product range includes the production and distribution of analogue photographic products such as photo colour paper, colour negative films and single-use cameras under the brand name of "TURA" as well as various services in fields of photographic film and paper manufacturing and logistics.

Our range is completed with the equivalent photographic chemistry (RA-4 and C-41 for various use), Alkaline batteries and Memory Cards under the brand name of AGFAPhoto.

In addition, we also offer analogue black & white paper as well as inkjet paper.

Centre of all our efforts is absolute satisfaction of all our customers.

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